On 15/09/2020, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers adopted Regulations No 576 (hereinafter referred to as the Requirements) laying down stricter radiation protection requirements for biomass (firewood, chips, and sawdust) entering Latvian territory from any other country, which were postponed until 1st April 2021.

Although the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Estonia have submitted comments to the Republic of Latvia on the restriction of the free movement of goods caused by the Requirements in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, and the European Commission has submitted a formal request, the Republic of Latvia has not taken any action to amend the adopted legal regulation and the said requirements have entered into force since 1st April 2021.

Please note that from 01/04/2021, the introduction of wood biomass into Latvia must be accompanied by a radiation test report – a document indicating the level of specific activity of the radionuclide 137Cs in the cargo, which can’t exceed 10 Bq/kg.  For example, a radiation passport issued by an accredited laboratory or a document issued by the Forest Service of the country of dispatch with a reference to the report of the relevant accredited laboratory, or another document indicating the level of specific activity of the cargo.