• The most expensive heating season has replaced the cheapest one


    In the last few years, the heating prices in Lithuania appeared on a swing – after the record low prices in 2020-2021, the last heating season was the most expensive in the last 10 years. The international biomass exchange Baltpool forecasts that, due to the rising prices of energy resources, the heat prices in the coming season should continue to grow. “In the last heating season, we observed drastic changes in biomass prices – over the year, the average price

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  • “OGA G” on the launch of BALTPOOL: a good opportunity to start trading swiftly


    "OGA G", a Latvian company looking to expand its trading geographically, has registered on the BALTPOOL biomass exchange and already concluded a successful transaction in its first auction. According to the company's Chief Commercial Manager Arina Galilejeva, trading on the exchange is a good business development opportunity for small market players. Tell us briefly about your company? "OGA G" provides tree delivery, woodchip transportation, tree sawing, chipping, and cleaning farmland from overgrowths. We concentrate our activities on the Latvian market but

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  • Auction date changes


    We would like to inform you about some upcoming changes in the auction date. Due to a Public Holiday in Lithuania on April 19th, the weekly Tuesday auction will be postponed until Wednesday, April 20th at 11 am. This is a one-off change and auctions will continue to be held on Tuesdays as usual in the future.

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  • Survey: BALTPOOL’s services were highly appreciated by customers


    The market research company Synopticom recently interviewed BALTPOOL’s clients to survey the company’s customer experience and image. The survey resulted in a score of 88 points on the Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI) to BALTPOOL, showing an exceptional service satisfaction rate in the business-to-business segment. The study was conducted through interviews with BALTPOOL’s customers and also assessed their willingness to recommend BALTPOOL to colleagues and partners. A high NPS index confirms strong customer satisfaction with the service received. BALTPOOL's NPS

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  • BALTPOOL proposes a new biomass product produced from logging residues


    Considering the experience of administering the Biomass Exchange, the suggestions expressed by the Biomass Exchange participants and seeking to ensure that as much local raw materials can be used for biomass production, BALTPOOL International Biomass Exchange (hereinafter – the Operator), proposes: 1. The launch of a new product SM3D, produced only from dry logging residues. This product would differ from the current SM3 product in that it would be a dry biomass fuel using logging residues. The product was selected

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  • BALTPOOL is introducing another sustainability solution – a Biomass traceability tool


    With the growing demand for sustainable biomass in Europe, the international biomass exchange BALTPOOL is introducing a new solution for its clients – a Biomass traceability tool. This will enable market participants to determine the precise origin of biomass and the raw materials used. "Our vision is to make our biomass trading platform the number one choice for sustainable biomass trade in Europe, so we decided to develop a tool enabling participants to easily find all the information they need

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  • The project “Digitization of the Central Heating Sector of Ukraine” has ended


    On November 12th, a closing event was held to wrap up the project "Digitization of the Central Heating Sector of Ukraine," which was funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine from Development Cooperation Program. Since launching the project in June, BALTPOOL has hosted 3 practical workshops designed to share the best practices learned by establishing a biomass exchange in Lithuania. The workshop was organized with the cooperation of BALTPOOL's project partner in Ukraine – the Bioenergy Association of

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  • From 2021-11-03, harvesting residues will be classified


    We would like to inform you that after the implementation of the decision by the Energy and Sustainable Development Commission of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on 14th October 2021, as of 3rd November 2021, the deforestation residues sold at timber auctions will now be classified into the following types: (i) Deciduous; (ii) Conifers; (iii) Mixed. From now on, sellers of timber harvesting residues will also have to indicate the location (GPS coordinates) of the residues to be

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  • Auction date changes


    We would like to inform you about upcoming changes in the auction date. Due to a Public Holiday in Lithuania on November 2nd, the weekly Tuesday auction will be postponed until Thursday, November 4th at 11 am. This is a one-off change and auctions will continue to be held on Tuesdays as usual in the future.

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  • Digitization of the central heating sector of Ukraine: workshop


    It's our pleasure to invite you to workshop event, dedicated to the project "Digitization of the central heating sector of Ukraine". Date: 09.30 Time: 10:00-14:00 Platform: Microsoft Teams Link to registration:,lgU0aTX9W0usQFVIRoc3aA,7g0xttU8UkunjaFVnhNbjA,sIQzVGJnLk6ZXwjX7790pQ,sbN9AwcHKk-opt84JUZHFw,Qfl5Ux2hlkicH7rINTuTpw?mode=read&tenantId=28dae6f5-6dbc-43f6-9806-be2911320601 Language: Russian Speaker: Vaidotas Jonutis, Head of Trade unit at BALTPOOL Main topics: General info regarding the Biomass exchange and biomass exchange system The priorities of the Energy Exchange We look forward to seeing you there!

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