The Board of the Lithuanian Biomass Exchange BALTPOOL elected Nemunas Biknius, Strategy and Development Director at UAB EPSO-G, the Chairman of the Board. Earlier, Mr Biknius was a Member of the Board of BALTPOOL UAB.

Mr Biknius will chair the five-member Board of BALTPOOL until the end of the office of the Board on 21 October 2020. The Board also includes Viktoras Baltuškonis, Independent Member; Vytautas Ruolia, Commerce Director at the Natural Gas Transmission System Operator Amber Grid; Renata Navikaitė, Representative of Klaipėdos Nafta; and Tomas Urmanavičius, Finance Control Director at EPSO-G group.

According to Mr Biknius, BALTPOOL is a company of the EPSO-G group that is successfully implementing its mission and that has in three years essentially changed the situation in the country’s biomass market and became the biomass trading centre in Lithuania.

“As of today, regulated energy producers have transferred most of their biomass purchases to public trade, which had a positive effect both on biomass producers and energy consumers. Therefore, we can and must use our technologies, expertise and employee skills to develop energy trade not only in Lithuania but also abroad,” said the new Chairman of the Board about the key tasks set for BALTPOOL.

BALTPOOL is the operator of the Lithuanian Energy Exchange that has the authority to organise trade in biomass and other products. The company is also an Administrator of the funds of the Public Service Obligations (PSO) and performs the PSO funds collection, payment and administration functions.

BALTPOOL is part of the UAB EPSO-G group of companies. The group also owns the control blocks of shares of the Electricity Transmission System Operator Litgrid and the Natural Gas Transmission System Operator AB Amber Grid. All the shares of EPSO-G are controlled by the Ministry of Energy.

Nemunas Biknius is also the Chairman of the Board of Amber Grid and a Member of the Board of Litgrid.