It’s our pleasure to invite you to workshop event, dedicated to the project “Digitization of the central heating sector of Ukraine”.

Date: 09.30

Time: 10:00-14:00

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Link to registration:,lgU0aTX9W0usQFVIRoc3aA,7g0xttU8UkunjaFVnhNbjA,sIQzVGJnLk6ZXwjX7790pQ,sbN9AwcHKk-opt84JUZHFw,Qfl5Ux2hlkicH7rINTuTpw?mode=read&tenantId=28dae6f5-6dbc-43f6-9806-be2911320601

Language: Russian

Speaker: Vaidotas Jonutis, Head of Trade unit at BALTPOOL

Main topics:

  • General info regarding the Biomass exchange and biomass exchange system
  • The priorities of the Energy Exchange

We look forward to seeing you there!