• The value of the BWCS LT index reached 10.91 EUR/MWh. An increase of 11.4% per month, and 8.3% per year has been recorded in the value of the index.
  • The total turnover of the exchange amounted to 224,854 MWh with a decrease of 30.5%, compared to December.
  • All contracts concluded in January were short-term.
  • 561,084 MWh of biomass was delivered based on the contracts concluded on the exchange. Compared to December, supply of biomass has decreased by 33%, but, compared to January of 2020, it increased by 12%.
  • With the start of the heating season and the entry into force of long-term contracts, 52% of biomass was supplied under long-term contracts (40% under half-year contracts and 12% under one-quarter contracts).