In April 2018, the regional offices of the State Forestry Enterprise sold 21 thousand m3 of timber, i.e. 9 percent more than in March, at 36 short-term auctions. The financial value of contracts was EUR 916.1 thousand.

The highest demand was for timber, 5.5 thousand m3 of it was sold, packing logs – 5.3 thousand m3, pulpwood – 4.8 thousand m3.

The weighted price of timber sold in April 2018 at the ETTS decreased by 10 percent compared to March 2018, i.e. from 49.20 euro/m3 to 44.26 euro/m3. Compared to April 2017, the weighted price of timber at the auctions was 11 percent lower, i.e. 39.35 euro/m3 last year.

Long-term auctions will be held on 24-29 May

Long-term and six-months auctions for the second half of 2018 will be held on 24-29 May. The sellers, the regional offices of the State Forestry Enterprise, plan to sell here 623 thousand m3 of round wood and 61 thousand m3 of timber harvesting waste.